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About Us

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Happy Days Playschool started in 1975 as a parent participation preschool. In 1989, the preschool moved to it's current location on the grounds of Mundy Road Elementary in Coquitlam.

In 2006, the school moved away from the parent-participation operating model to recognize the changing demographics of our families. Our school is still overseen by a membership consisting of student's parents and/or guardians and we still have an elected board of parents/guardians. Our parents and/or guardians no longer have mandatory participation in school operations.


We offer a quality, affordable, play-based preschool program in a portable owned by the Society. A wonderful playground exists just outside our doors that we share access with with the Elementary school.

We are steps away from a huge outdoor area consisting of giant trees, grass, and other bits of nature to explore.

Happy Days maintains a fantastic relationship with the leadership of Mundy Road Elementary. During non-pandemic years, our preschool students enjoy taking part in the Mundy Road Halloween parade and other special events that we are invited to.

The Society is incorporated with the Province of British Columbia and is a registered Charity with Canada Revenue Agency.

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