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A Day at Happy Days...

Our students learn more about themselves and their world. Through stimulating play they are helped to expand on their natural interests while exploring a variety of subjects.

Good Morning!

At the start of each day, all children are welcomed to class and greeted personally by the teachers.

Free Play

Everyone gets time to talk, play and have fun with their friends. There are many activities to choose from including;  science station, dress-up, building blocks, kitchen/home centre, creative writing and drawing, sand table (actually corn meal!), puzzles and so much more…

The ‘Pickle’

Each day, one child is (alphabetically) assigned to be the ‘Pickle’.  It will be his/her turn to bring a show and tell item to class and be the teacher’s helper.  All of the children eagerly await their turn for this extra fun and special day.


Circle Time

Listen and learn from each other and the teacher.  The month, date and day are discussed, as well as the ‘letter of the day’.  Quiet time is given to pick out a favorite book from the library and leaf through it. Circle time also includes story time, show and tell and songs.

Snack Time

We encourage healthy food choices such as, water, fruit, veggies or cheese.  Hands are washed and everyone eats the snack they brought from home. Food allergies are respected by the whole school.

Arts and Crafts

Time to allow imaginations to soar!  With scissors (safety of course), glue, paint, markers, glitter (and much more) at hand, they can explore and experiment to their heart’s delight.  With many new crafts, you and your child are sure to be proud of his/her creations.

Outside Play

The play structure at our school gives students great exercise. The school owns a selection of toys for outside play such as, bicycles (and helmets), hoops, goal nets and balls etc. Sometimes the class simply go for a walk in the school grounds to discuss the sky and trees, run around or play tag.


The class focuses on several themes each month using arts and crafts, imaginative play, books and discussion in circle time. 


Some examples are: Back to school, At the hospital, Seasons, Shapes, ABCs, Christmas, At the dentist, Bugs, Penguins, Jungle Animals, Polar bears, Numbers and Colours.     

Field Trips/Class Parties

Children look forward to these and thoroughly enjoy them.  They are scheduled throughout the school year and are highlights for everyone.

Your Child’s Safety is of primary concern

Each child is released from preschool personally by the teacher directly into the care of his/her parent or care provider. 

Is the curriculum different for each age group?

There is a vast difference between the things a 3 year old can master and what a 4 year old is capable of. 

For the Crickets, simple concepts such as waiting for their turn, lining up, sitting in a circle, following instructions, sharing and socializing can be a challenge.

Dragonflies/Bumblebees are already mastering these skills and are moving on to more complex behaviors.  Social skills are developing and simple tasks like spreading glue, cutting with scissors and printing ABCs are getting easier.

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